The Conservatives have lost seats in Parliament and no longer enjoy an overall majority, while Labour has exceeded the expectations of pollsters and increased its number of MPs. But this isn’t the whole story…

1. The Conservatives won 20 seats

Although it was a bad night for Theresa May’s party overall, with 33 MPs ejected from Parliament, it actually won seats elsewhere.

The majority of their gains were in Scotland, where the Conservatives performed well against the SNP, unseating the former SNP leader Alex Salmond in .

The party also took six seats from Labour, and snatched from UKIP.

2. Who lost seats to Labour?

Labour’s six losses were offset by 36 gains – 28 of which were from the Conservatives and two from the Lib Dems – including Nick Clegg’s former seat of .

The party also took six Scottish seats from the SNP.

3. Most of the changes were in Scotland and the north of England

Although the political landscape of Northern Ireland has also shifted dramatically with the UUP and the SDLP losing all of their MPs.

Changed seats All seats

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More maps showing the changes in the political landscape are .

4. The SNP saw some huge majorities disappear

The table below shows the largest majorities in the last general election in 2015 that have been overturned.

Nine of the largest 10 previously belonged to the SNP – a 14,000-vote majority won by the party’s former spokesperson on social justice, , in 2015 has been converted into a 4,000-vote majority for the Conservatives.

Constituency (out of 650 so far)Result2015 Majority2017 Majority Banff & BuchanCON GAIN FROM SNP143393693 Coatbridge, Chryston & BellshillLAB GAIN FROM SNP115011586 Ayr, Carrick & CumnockCON GAIN FROM SNP112652774 AngusCON GAIN FROM SNP112302645 StirlingCON GAIN FROM SNP10480148 Ochil & South PerthshireCON GAIN FROM SNP101683359 Rutherglen & Hamilton WestLAB GAIN FROM SNP9975265 Kirkcaldy & CowdenbeathLAB GAIN FROM SNP9974259 MidlothianLAB GAIN FROM SNP9859885 CanterburyLAB GAIN FROM CON9798187 Oxford West & AbingdonLD GAIN FROM CON9582816 Glasgow North EastLAB GAIN FROM SNP9222242 MorayCON GAIN FROM SNP90654159 GordonCON GAIN FROM SNP86872607 BatterseaLAB GAIN FROM CON79382416 KensingtonLAB GAIN FROM CON736120 Aberdeen SouthCON GAIN FROM SNP72304752 Aberdeenshire West & KincardineCON GAIN FROM SNP70337949 East LothianLAB GAIN FROM SNP68033083 Warwick & LeamingtonLAB GAIN FROM CON66061206 Reading EastLAB GAIN FROM CON65203749 Dumfries & GallowayCON GAIN FROM SNP65145643 FoyleSF GAIN FROM SDLP6046169 South DownSF GAIN FROM SDLP58912446 Colne ValleyLAB GAIN FROM CON5378915 MansfieldCON GAIN FROM LAB53151057 Portsmouth SouthLAB GAIN FROM CON52411554 Stockton SouthLAB GAIN FROM CON5046888 Bristol North WestLAB GAIN FROM CON49444761 High PeakLAB GAIN FROM CON48942322 StroudLAB GAIN FROM CON4866687 Enfield SouthgateLAB GAIN FROM CON47534355 Caithness, Sutherland & Easter RossLD GAIN FROM SNP38442044 BathLD GAIN FROM CON38335694 IpswichLAB GAIN FROM CON3733831 Renfrewshire EastCON GAIN FROM SNP37184712 Crewe & NantwichLAB GAIN FROM CON362048 ClactonCON GAIN FROM UKIP343715828 Edinburgh WestLD GAIN FROM SNP32102988 CeredigionPC GAIN FROM LD3067104 KeighleyLAB GAIN FROM CON3053249 Leeds North WestLAB GAIN FROM LD29074224 Kingston & SurbitonLD GAIN FROM CON28344124 Warrington SouthLAB GAIN FROM CON27502549 CopelandCON GAIN FROM LAB25641695 Stoke-on-Trent SouthCON GAIN FROM LAB2539663 Sheffield HallamLAB GAIN FROM LD23532125 Middlesbrough South & Cleveland EastCON GAIN FROM LAB22681020 Dunbartonshire EastLD GAIN FROM SNP21675339 Cardiff NorthLAB GAIN FROM CON21374174 TwickenhamLD GAIN FROM CON20179762 Walsall NorthCON GAIN FROM LAB19372601 PeterboroughLAB GAIN FROM CON1925607 Derbyshire North EastCON GAIN FROM LAB18832861 LincolnLAB GAIN FROM CON14431538 SouthportCON GAIN FROM LD13222914 BedfordLAB GAIN FROM CON1097789 South AntrimDUP GAIN FROM UUP9493208 Belfast SouthDUP GAIN FROM SDLP9061996 Weaver ValeLAB GAIN FROM CON8063928 EastbourneLD GAIN FROM CON7331609 Brighton KemptownLAB GAIN FROM CON6909868 Fermanagh & South TyroneSF GAIN FROM UUP530875 Plymouth Sutton & DevonportLAB GAIN FROM CON5236807 Bury NorthLAB GAIN FROM CON3784375 Berwickshire, Roxburgh & SelkirkCON GAIN FROM SNP32811060 Vale of ClwydLAB GAIN FROM CON2372379 Croydon CentralLAB GAIN FROM CON1655652 Derby NorthLAB GAIN FROM CON412015 GowerLAB GAIN FROM CON273269

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